WP1 - Project Management

WP1 ensures the overall management of the project tasks in terms of effective completion, progress reporting, accountability and quality assurance. WP1 is responsible for all contacts with EC (deliverables delivery, reporting) and also with the Project Advisory Board, composed of external experts.
WP1 is led by the project coordinator, ITTI.

WP2 - Identification and Analysis of Main Research Gaps and Challenges

WP2 aims at identifying key research gaps and challenges trough analysis of existing cyber security-related guidelines, roadmaps and strategies. Moreover promising results of current cyber security research projects will be identified and analysed. It is expected that WP2 results will influence both WP3 and WP4.
WP2 is led by EADE.

WP3 - Workshops, Seminars and Consultations

WP3 ensures the organisation of the necessary activities and meetings for the consultation with the experts working groups and all the involved stakeholders. It will happen both with physical meetings, by using effective brainstorming and consensus meeting procedures, as well as wider consultations with the open community based on Internet-based communication means.
WP3 is led by DFRC.

WP4 - Guidelines and Roadmap Development

WP4 aims at developing cyber security guidelines, which will reflect and formulate the expectations and needs of the key stakeholders. In order to deliver such guidelines, WP4 is focused on identifying key stakeholders and the scope cyber security related problems. WP4 will develop the research roadmaps in the areas of cyber crime and cyber terrorism. The work is based on the activities of the other WPs. In order to be useful, it must be based on commonly agreed needs among the stakeholders and provide effective guidelines and actions. Alignment with national initiatives is also planned.
WP4 is led by ITTI.

WP5 - Community Building, Dissemination and Sustainability

WP5 aims at providing analysis and determination of the most appropriate strategies for dissemination and exploitation of the project results and products.
WP5 is led by S21sec.

Latest News

September 30th, 2016
CAMINO project has now ended with very sucessfull project review.

September 20th, 2016
CAMINO consortium members contributed to the book: Combatting Cybercrime and Cyberterrorism: Challenges, Trends and Priorities.
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September 15th, 2016
CAMINO project with two other CSA consortia has developed a consolidated roadmap to fight against cyber crime and cyber terrorism.

April 13th, 2016
CAMINO, the European project co-ordinated by ITTI Sp. z o.o. is now over.
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