CAMINO Expert's Workshop
Parameters for Guidance & Roadmap for the Prosecution of Cyber Crime in Civil, Criminal & Common Law

15th and 16th June 2015
Royal Holloway University, London

Project CAMINO partners invite you to an Expert’s Workshop on June 15th/16th 2015 at Royal Holloway University on "Parameters for Guidance & Roadmap for the Prosecution of Cyber Crime in Civil, Criminal & Common Law."

This Expert’s Workshop will investigate under which legal basis the challenge of tackling cyber-crime and terrorism is best addressed. Civil or criminal courts could be used for the pursuit of the perpetrator but there also exist differentiators between Common Law and Civil 'Napoleonic' Code legal systems. We will examine how these regulatory and legal challenges are best addressed and the pros and cons of the approaches that are emerging.

Proposed keynote speeches and subject matter include:

1. Role of Law in securing International Co-operation to secure global society and economy
2. Cyber Crime - an Asian perspective on the need for International co-operation
3. Impact of Right to be Forgotten
4. Malware and legal implications on erosion of 'mere conduit' in known harm to third parties
5. Identification and Authentication requirements for a Trusted Online World
6. Cyber Crime trends in Financial Services, and moves to mitigate
7. EU Commission progress on Digital Harmonisation and Data Protection reform

To keep delegates entertained it is proposed to have a moderated "court case" with a prosecution and defence between two Member States for the comparison of criminal case studies.

The workshop will include the presentation of CAMINO's preliminary reports on roadmaps and visions and challenges of new technologies as they impact on legal and regulatory systems and demonstrations of cyber security solutions from regional and international efforts.

Draft program of the Workshop is available here, invitation letter is available here, while logistical and accommodation information is available here.

The Expert’s Workshop is free to attend. Please visit and use Password: cyber2015 to register to attend the workshop. You will be sent logistical details regarding accommodation including the opportunity to reserve a limited number of inexpensive room at The Royal Holloway University If you have any questions please email

CAMINO press release about CAMINO Workshop in London is available here

The following post-workshop presentations are available:

Latest News

September 30th, 2016
CAMINO project has now ended with very sucessfull project review.

September 20th, 2016
CAMINO consortium members contributed to the book: Combatting Cybercrime and Cyberterrorism: Challenges, Trends and Priorities.
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September 15th, 2016
CAMINO project with two other CSA consortia has developed a consolidated roadmap to fight against cyber crime and cyber terrorism.

April 13th, 2016
CAMINO, the European project co-ordinated by ITTI Sp. z o.o. is now over.
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